Terminating Your Lease

Lease termination typically occurs under two circumstances:

  1. Contract Expiration
  2. Early Lease Termination

The details of either event are clearly spelled out in your lease contract. Regardless of the option you’re considering, the Automotive Experts at advise you to be prepared. Don’t let the end of your lease sneak up on you. Take the time learn what to expect and what your options are. When in doubt, contact for help.

1. Contract Expiration - If You're at the End

Being prepared for the end of your lease is the most important step. If your lease is ending soon, it’s time to explore your options. At the end of a lease agreement, you can:

  • Return the vehicle for a new one
  • Sign up for a new lease with the same vehicle
  • Buy your vehicle for the agreed upon price

Whether you choose a new lease or are happy with the original vehicle, can help navigate the next steps. With an amazing range of automobiles in NYC, can satisfy your needs to end of your lease or move through a transition into a new vehicle. Your road begins with a phone call to (718) 682-3122.

Life is too short to be stuck in a car you hate. You deserve to be in the automobile of your choice. Your vehicle should be a pleasure, not an obligation. can help you find satisfaction and peace of mind. Enjoy the ride!

2. Early Lease Termination - If You're Ending Your Lease Early

Ending a lease early means a few extra steps you need to go through. can make this process both easy and affordable. They give you valuable and honest advice to get you where you want to be, whether that’s in a new lease or just out from under the existing one. You don’t have to jump through the hoops of lease termination alone.

You probably already know about the termination fees and other potential penalties for ending your lease early. The good news is that the weight of these penalties can be reduced, offset, or even eliminated. There are options available to you, and wants to tell you about them.

Lease Termination Application

  • Vehicle Information

  • Owner Information